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"And he could there do no mighty work, save that he 
laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them . 
[6] And he marveled because of their unbelief. And he 
went round about the villages, teaching" --Mark 6:5-6
There are enemies of faith. Enemies of faith are those 
things that fight against our faith that makes our faith 
to fail or not to work.

All of us have a measure of faith and that measure, 
no matter how small is expected to move  mountains 
or get us what we want.

So no one with faith is expected to fail!

However, many are failing because there are enemies 
of faith.  So what are they?

1 Unbelief
Unbelief is a major and a strong enemy of faith. 
Jesus could not do much among His own people 
because the people don't believe in him.

Do not be an unbelieving believer!

There several people in church who are believers 
but they don't believe in the simplicity of the word, 
and so it affect them seriously. 

2. Doubt
Doubt is when you believe to a point, but inside your 
believe there is doubt. So such a person cannot receive 
anything from the Lord, James 1:5-8.

Jesus said in Mark 11:23 that we can move mountains 
if there is no doubt in our heart. 

Beloved, God is able!

Doubt your doubt and receive that miracle by faith!

This is your hour to be blessed and to have a mega 
break through.

3. Complaining and murmuring
One thing that can fight against our faith is complaining 
and murmuring. If you want your mega break through 
this year, avoid complaining and murmuring. 

You may be doing the right thing, but you are murmuring, 
from today avoid murmuring. Many are fasting, but 
murmuring for delayed answers. 

Many are giving, but morning for delayed break through. 

From today, avoid murmuring, turn your murmuring to 

Many complain over every issue even ministers and 
strong Christians, and it is an error and big enemy of 

Many children of Israel were destroyed in the wilderness 
because of murmuring and  complaining.

We must not destroy our prayers, our fasting, our giving 
and all our stewardship with complaining and with 

Be blessed by faith in Jesus name.


Father uproot every enemy of faith from my heart in 
Jesus Mighty Name!


Numbers 14:27; 17:5, 
Mark 11:22-24
Matt 21:21-22
James I:5-8

About the Writer of Kingdom Devotions:
Rev. Dr. Neville Waye is the founder of Divine Flow International Church 
and an Apostolic leader to over 100 Pastors in the City of Warri, Nigeria. 
He is the President of International Ministers Prayer Squad and chairman of 
Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in his local government with more than 
800 churches. He is a born again believer in the faith of Jesus Christ and 
strong believer of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Ghost Power of God.
Rev. Dr Neville Waye
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