This Thing Called Pleasure

At every stage of our lives everyone one of us has most likely came in contact with spiritual influences that provoke good or bad pleasure.

Bad pleasure comes in through many forms spirits that can become habitual in nature if we do not take time to understand the cause and effect of it.  We are often triggered through our bodily senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, feeling, and sometimes basic instinct or familiarity). It can invoke immeasurable desires and thoughts that penetrate our soul. Pleasures of life may be clean or unclean.

There are always two sides of any spirit that functions in the earthly realm in man or woman. One for every born again believer is the Holy Spirit bringing us closer to God. The other is of the anti-Christ in which will draw is closer to the world system leading to destruction.

The Holy Bible tells us in the Book of 1 Chronicle, Chapter 29 verse 17 that God "tries the heart, and has pleasure in uprightness." This type of pleasure is a right pleasure. When our pleasure is associated with pleasing God it is a good thing for our spirit, soul, and body.

On the other hand when any form pleasure pulls us away from righteousness it pulls us further away from giving God pleasure that keeps us in covenant with Him. We absolutely want to make our Abba Father happy at all times. This is the desire of His heart... that we use our whole vessel to minister unto Him.

In the Book of Ezra, Chapter 10 verses 1-11, Ezra cries before the LORD confessing, weeping and casting himself down before the house of God; and all of Israel; men, women, and children joining him weeping before the LORD sorely because of their transgression. Shechaniah admonishes Ezra return to the Covenant of the LORD by confessing their sins unto the LORD God of their fathers, and to do His pleasure which was to separate themselves from the abominations of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, and the Amorites of the land and their strange wives.  They had began to allow the influence of these nations to lead them into abominations before the LORD. Worshipping their gods did not bring pleasure before the eyes of the LORD. They had transgressed the commandments for the pleasure of a land that was considered to be unclean in the eyes of God from one end to another. Ezra 9:11.  

What was the pleasure of the Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, and Amorites that were not pleasing to God?

1. They worshipped other gods.
2. They worshipped idols.
3. They performed acts that were not pleasing before God.
4. Unclean sexual acts.
5. Moral codes that appeared Godly but were ungodly.
6. Sorcery.
7. Rebellion.
8. Killing of the innocent.
9. Human sacrifice.
10. Unclean fruitful acts.
11. And much more.

God seeks to find His covenant in His children in which is favorable in His eyes. This brings great pleasure to Him. When we bring pleasurable worship and praise with a pure heart, Jesus Christ is pleased. Ezra's deep penetrated wail and restoration of covenant toward God's will for the Israelites brought profound relief.

In the Book of Nehemiah Chapter 9, we see that the Israelites were subjected to the pleasure of the masters of a Babylonian system. Nehemiah cried out to God to remind Him of the covenant that was established with his fathers, that Israelites would dwell in a "large and fat land" and "eat the fruits thereof and the good thereof". In his intercession he acknowledged that the kings, princes, priests, prophets, fathers and peoples had sinned against His judgements and commandments; but he pleaded for mercy and compassion from God based on covenant. Nehemiah states that they were in bondage to a hierarchical system of kings that were yielding increase from the land and cattle and having even dominion over their bodies. The Israelites transferred their Godly pleasure over to a world system that they could not reap from. This type of perverted pleasure of the world system swept them off into chains bondage that they had not control over their original possessions nor their own bodies. Praise be to God that He heard the voice of Nehemiah travail, and there was an exchange of hope and restoration. 

The Lord reminds us in the Book of Job Chapter 36:11 that we can obey and serve him and spend our days in prosperity and have years in pleasure. The pleasure that we receive from God is different from that of the world.

We can see that through the original desire of the Israelites to experience the pleasure of these world systems that were not favorable to God, they were led to experience hardship rather than covenant pleasure from God in which leads to the manifestation of dwelling in a large and fat land partaking of the relevant fruits unto the glory of God. The wisdom, knowledge, understanding and vision of the Israelites gave them the ability to be fruitful and multiply as long as they remained attached to the appropriate Vine. We the children of God are heirs through the Son, Jesus Christ. He has left the Holy Spirit behind to keep us in direct covenant with His Kingdom. In this Kingdom we reign as priest and kings. We are daughters and sons of the Most High God.

There is a pleasure that leads to fulfillment of the covenant of Jesus Christ in our life. Let us strive unto His perfection to minister pleasure unto Him that He will be glorified by taking time to understand Jesus Christ's way and His sovereign will for our lives by His Word. Let us take pleasure in the opportunity to please Him by surrendering all of our heart.


Abba Father give me the strength to follow You in every aspect of my life. Teach me of Your ways that I may find pleasure in your sight. Help me to be faithful in the study of Your Word that I may dwell in heavenly places with my thoughts and desire. I stand on Your Word as I draw near to You, that You will draw nigh to me. I desire to please You in all of my ways. In Jesus Christ Mighty Name! Amen.

by Dg