Catch the Code and Carry the Glory!

Holding on to old traditions and cultures of our fore fathers, their fore fore fathers, and so on... is what will give you an enslaved mindset. It is through the name above all names that we are set free. That would be Jesus "YahShuah". As the Israelites of the Holy Bible sojourned through the wilderness in the Book of Exodus they faced many challenges with shifting their mindsets. Even when we get to the Book of Judges, we can see that they still had difficulty with over coming spiritual influence that held them in bondage to what they failed to take understanding of. Fear of changing the way they thought was one of the major factors. 

We can also see that this is a challenge in this hour for many born again believers that have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Complacency has become a pattern that does not allow for experiencing an empowered and equipped life that God has mandated from the beginning. 

In this season we are faced with spiritual Egyptian mindsets that lead us into captivity. In order to overcome this spiritual bondage of slavery we must master the Word of God. We must also develop a sound understanding of God's individual sovereign will for our lives to fulfill His design and purpose in our lives. God has purposed us for greatness.

Spiritual captivity influences the way we are capable to function in a system. We will blindly turn over things that are valuable to that system that God have given us to prosper when we are in bondage to such spiritual cages. We will neglect to place salve over our eyes to see the value of what Jesus has given us to work with in spiritual Egyptian traps. The monitoring spirits of the kingdom of darkness will prophet from it. The spirit of Pharaoh will package your God given thoughts and prosper from it. To break this type of enslavement you must get understanding to enter into your promise land. You must understand the value of your ideas embedded in your soul and learn not give your gold away for wooden beetle nickels. You must reframe from long weary hours leading to the edge of not having Spiritual strength to endure because you have depleted and exerted your energy in the wrong system. 

Most of all, we must never allow our spirit, soul, and body to become intertwined with such a spiritual system that will not allow the whole vessel to connect in the fulness of worship with the Living God. Our covenant with Abba Father must remain rich in His Omniscient Glory. Tell the spiritual Egyptian system bye, and that you are staying on the narrow path to victory. Tell that wicked system that you are resurrecting your own ideas unto the glory of Jesus Christ. Tell the system of bondage that you are overtaking, pursuing, and possessing your God given possession, now, in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.

We must no longer walk with spiritual Babylonian mindsets. It cannot ever be the answer that will move us toward a peaceful ending. If the mind is enslaved and cannot be freed from the basics of lust, promiscuity, and other acts known to be an abomination to God; it will be difficult to free any one else with the same mindset. 

This spiritual system causes some of the children of God to melt into perverted activities that serve other gods. If it can get our soul to entertain what we like and desire, we will be trapped spiritually into believing we must become submissive to the dark patterns in order to feel good. 

Understanding this spiritual system will help us to avoid eating foods sacrificed to dark gods of this world. Understanding will also give us Kingdom of God insights to avoid the vicious cycle of backwardness that is faced with the spiritual system that makes us feel we need to be indebted to it without a valid cause or reasoning. In order to capitalize our blessing and to cause them to flow, we must see the width, depth, and height of this  spiritual system according to the Word of God and by seeking His revelation. we must know our capabilities and what blocks our authoritative flow.  We must know without a doubt, and having faith, that Jesus Christ can set us free from spiritual Babylon Systems. We must have no fear from a dimensional standpoint.

The Holy Ghost and the empowering Word of God is needed to renew our mind and inner spirit. We must examine our own weaknesses to increase in strengths to avoid the 'strange fruit' that leads to spiritual death from both of these type of spiritual systems. 

Strength does not come with the word of man or woman...but with the dunamis power being embodied in our DNA from Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost. Power is not released by the high sound of our voice or amplification of a microphone, but by the power of Jesus Christ dwelling in us.  It is at that point that we have the ability to release power throughout the earth with the reign of God in us.

In order to claim dominion and power we must be capable of releasing that power with an inward righteousness. In order to sustain that power we must have knowledge, understanding, vision and wisdom from Jesus Christ. Without it we the people perish for lack of knowledge. No Word of God...No power!

This is a season to be awaken and wait upon the Lord to mount up our wings like eagles. This is the season to keep the oil burning and to never let it die out. This is the season to not allow false systems to devour our ideas for gain. Our God given ideas must be used to manifest God's glory in the earth as we glow in His victory showing forth we are His children and finished the race by His Word. Each God given idea must be packaged and delivered as gold, silver, frankincense and myrrh. Catch the code and carry the Glory!

Be awakened and flow like a son and daughter of the Most High God! 

by Dg