The Seeking for Meaning 'Self'

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;
so that they are without excuse" Romans 1:20 KJV

'Self'  is our own individual personality that 'self' define. It started from the roots
of the environment we exist in and is associated with 'self's upbringing. USA, LLC'Self' is intertwined and woven into 'self's' personality (soul) based on what 'self'
sees, smell, taste, feel, hears in every route taken. In the midst of the routes being
traveled 'self' adapts beliefs out of the environment, roots, customs, traditions,
education, repetitive movements and actions 'self' experience daily.

When 'self' realizes that there is no true identity for it 'self' ...'self' will search to
find deeper relevance toward a meaningful life.

'Self' knows without a doubt  'self' was created. Deep within 'self' (inner spirit) knows
that a cow multiplies by the cow. 'Self' cannot determine if the cow or bull will be
totally black, brown, white or spotted. 'Self' cannot decide if it will be a bull or cow
that comes out. 'Self' realizes that the cow or bull seen today does not return to the
sea to come out as offspring through a evolution system.

'Self' may assess historical facts to make a decision in faith that their has to be a
SUPREME BEING "ELOHIM" a CREATOR that formed all of these things into
existence. 'Self' can then choose to worship or not to worship this POWERFUL
"ELYONE" (MOST HIGH GOD) that formed all things into existence as stated in
more than one historical fact as it is written. Or 'self' may reject this belief and
follow no facts in which leaves 'self' without any excuse.

ABBA FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT are historical facts that is
written, witnessed, and experienced through acts of mercy, compassion, and even
wrath. There is no historical fact on evolution that is proven based on witnessed
acts or events. JESUS CHRIST is the only historical fact that gives LIFE.
JESUS CHRIST is the only historical fact that has a beginning and ending.

So, 'Self' examine 'self' by the historical facts of the HOLY BIBLE to see if 'self'
do not want to believe because "self' will need to ***let go of 'self'*** as being a
small empty and void god seeking only what the flesh allow you to see.  OR worship
'EL YAHWEH' GOD instead of 'self'. Romans 1