The Acts of Jesus Christ Will Follow You! Part 2

Once upon a time, when I was walking to the parking lot in Irving, Texas; a lady followed me to my car. 
She said there was something about my eyes that convicted her. 
I asked her what did she mean by that.

She said she felt dirty when she came around me and she felt like changing her lifestyle. 
I said I understand now. I told her to come and join our Bible study and prayers we had each Saturday.
She said it was okay. She knew she was changing, and believed JESUS was real now, and would start attending church more regularly.
When you choose to obey the call of GOD... you do not always have to speak. 

HE that is in you is greater than that which in the world. HE that is in you will** judge and convict** individuals without a word being spoken. (John 16) 
Let HIM do what HE does. 
Speak when HE says speak! Sit when HE says sit! Go where HE says for you to go!
The Acts of JESUS CHRIST will surely follow you! Dg