Which Path and Gate Have You Chosen?

Even if one sin is not greater than the other one, we are to be separated from sinful nature. A person walking in the HOLY GHOST OF GOD would always desire to have a repentant heart.  Without repentance and alignment to GOD's SOVEREIGN WILL and WORD, we can easily be led into having a reprobate mind. Having a reprobate mind with further lead us into perdition and rebellion.Furthermore, gifts that are not yoked with GOD's SOVEREIGN WILL is likened to witchcraft.There is no other way to live this Christian walk than JESUS CHRIST's way. He is the FINAL JUSTIFICATION and JUDGEMENT of man and woman. BY HIS WORD we will all be judged. The WORD of GOD is SPIRIT and those that reject the HOLY GHOST reside in blasphemy.Many will say we are judging. The HOLY BIBLE says that HIS prophets will judge in that day. Paul declares that the saved (the saints) will judge angels, and even the things pertaining to life in the church in 1 Corinthians 6:1-11. Paul also wrote in the Holy Bible, in 1 Corinthians 5:12 that his position was to judge those that were within the Body of Christ. However, he also stated that he was not in a position of authority to judge those that were outside of the Body of Christ as they would be judged by God.
These are the last days of the Holy Bible prophecy is coming to life every day as we see the acts occurring in this world. It is a time to examine yourself and prove yourself not to have a reprobate and possibly having a hypocritical mindset as written in 2 Corinthians 5:12.

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If one dies today, there are no more opportunities to repent. There is no one that has power or authority to pray your soul into heaven (GOD's abode) after you have died. Only JESUS of whom said be HOLY as I AM HOLY can give you entry.

I remind you of the parable of the five brides maidens who made it into GOD's abode because they kept the flame of the HOLY GHOST burning in Righteousness according to the EYES of GOD. This type of Righteousness is conditions based on your willingness to repent, leaving the old nature and ties to the world system and desiring to remain in a covenant relationship with JESUS CHRIST. The door was closed on the other five.
It is a time to make your mind up. Which path will you take? The narrow path leading to Righteousness or the seemingly fun and entertaining broadened path that leads to the destruction of the soul that is glorifying the world instead of ABBA FATHER.
Which gate will you enter into? The narrow gate that is designed for individuals to go in one by one or the broad gate with fraternal orders, soul and spiritual ties gates of the old nature that does not allow you to adapt to being born again, the country club gate where you have many friends while deciding to exclude the most important FRIEND of all...JESUS CHRIST; or the family gate that ties you to ungodly traditions and customs forbidden in the HOLY BIBLE!

Choose this day of whom you will serve. GOD or world systems. HE chose you. Let HIM in and surrender to HIM!

#BeAwakenedByHolyGhostFire In JESUS MIGHTY NAME!