Overcoming Dark Patterns By Surrendering All to Jesus Christ

Source: Pexels.com

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.  Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?  This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth. -1 John 5:4-6

When we commit and are born again as a Christian
believer in Jesus Christ, it is a time for
surrendering all to Jesus Christ and trusting Him in
all things, having faith that no matter what our external
gateways see, hear, taste, smell, and feel, we know
without a doubt, He is going to work all things out to
His good.

Lust, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, shame, indignation,
and many other unclean emotions are seated in the soulish gateways.  These emotions enter into
us through the bodily gateways and can cause
ungodly thoughts, desires, and unclean imaginations
that hinders our intimate relationship with God.

Once these thoughts, desires, and unclean imaginations continue to manifest they may enter into our inner spirit.
This may cause the Presence of God and the Holy Spirit
to move away and interrupt our close relationship with

This is why we must allow the Holy Spirit to control the
inner spirit and to press outwardly against the soul and
body gateways. This will then eliminate the manifestation
of darkness surrounding us.

One may ask how can this be done. Here are seven steps
to establish a strong fortress before the entry of your

  1. The more time you spend in reading the Word of God prayerfully. The more you will be able to discern external dark patterns that are attempting to enter your external gateways.
  2. You need the Presence of God and the Holy Spirit to sit on the throne of your heart. This requires for you to spend quality time with God in spirit, soul, and body. It requires surrendering to Him and allowing Him to direct your path. It means that you must trust that He can handle all things and by providing you with guidance in His Sovereign Will. 
  3. You must identify the elements of darkness patterns and designs that are geared to trigger your external gateways.Take time to write down each situation that occurs that is designed to penetrated your gateways. 
  4. Once you have taken time to understand how these dark patterns and designs are entering your external gateways you must also prayerfully understand how to establish boundaries. You cannot defeat darkness without the vision, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God. Design a plan to thwart dark patterns from entering your external gateways. Stop it before it starts.
  5. You must take discernment of the times when these dark patterns and designs are penetrating your inner spirit that may cause you to disconnect from God. You will know when you are disconnected when you start acting out or speaking what your emotions have received in. You will also know because you can discern that His Presence is not with you. This is a time to go back to the basics of experiencing your first love in Jesus Christ. Never give up.
  6. You must begin to counteract the dark patterns and designs with a Kingdom Mindset. A Kingdom Mindset will produce the fruits of God and vanquish darkness with the Light of Jesus Christ. God will give you the insights once you have taken time to understand how you are being triggered to exhibit ungodly emotions and acts. This will enable you to overtake the things trying to penetrate your gateways in the power of the Holy Ghost.
  7. Never allow the dark patterns and designs to continue to manifest in your whole vessel. Always continue to examine yourself more than you spend time on looking at the individual that is causing the offense. God has given you the power to prevail. Always desire growth. Be adaptable and willing to learn. Press on the higher mark.

Start today with surrendering and trusting all to Jesus Christ, the author, and finisher of our faith.