Kingdom Principle: An Intimate Picture of the Sensitized Lot

Lot became "sensitized". He was intertwined ...united...integrated...mixed in...adapted...etc....with systems, traditions, covenants, other dimensional charms and chants of this world...etc.

He adapted to each charm and chant....atmosphere that he existed in. He even became a gatekeeper to that system.

He was not convicted in his spirit when he felt it was acceptable and wanted to share his two daughters with spiritual forces.

Even though two angels of GOD walked him out of the kingdom of darkness ...his senses, soul, and spirit became dull. He slept with both daughters one after the other in a spiritual state of confusion...delusion...desolation.

These daughters were from a mother who had no name in the eyes of GOD and deeply glued to Sodom and Gomorrah physically and spiritually.

Some awareness must be present in order for there to be a production of fruit of the womb.

Avoid this "form of sensitization. READ the WORD of GOD. Understand HIS Sovereign Will in the fullness of HIS context. Grace is not a permissive crutch it is an empowering and equipping POWER granted for you to gird UP your loins and to mount up on wings like an eagle...TO NOT FAINT. Choose not to perish because of lack of knowledge. Romans 1.