Kingdom Mandate: Eat This Scroll

Eating the Scroll of God is an absolute Kingdom Mandate “order” of God. We know by His Word that it will be bitter in the stomach, but it will become sweet to in the mouth, according to Revelations 10:9; Ezekiel 3:3. This cannot be bad for the spiritual man because the tongue is a very useful tool for the Body of Christ. When it has tasted sweetness it will release the sweetness of Jesus Christ. It does not necessarily mean that what is released may not become bitter in the stomach. The bitterness is good for the cleansing of waste that needs to come out of the physical body to give release in the soul and spirit of man. The Holy Ghost takes over and purifies an individual.

The tongue also has nerves attached to it that sends a signal to the brain or (thoughts) that this Word is sweet and good for me. The next relevance to consuming the full Scroll is taking the sweetness received and releasing it by the Holy Ghost in the prophetic according to God’s will in the purest estate that it has been given. Revelations 10:10. God does not want His Word to remain swollen in the mind, He desires for it to be released “before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.” He will give you the command to speak His word in due season and time.

The Word of God discloses His sovereign will for man, woman, and child. It is not something that will ever fade away. It is here for an eternity. The stipulations for man, woman, and child in the Holy Bible are critical for harmony and balance of all things in the earth.

The first instance of the Word of God produced an instruction for every form of existence in the earth. The command “Be” in itself has so much dimensional revelation in it to feed a person for one day, when it is sought out.

When John and Ezekiel consumed the Scroll it produced many revelations to change destinies of God’s children. Are you eating and tasting the sweetness? Are you taking on the bitterness in your stomach? Are you allowing the purification to set in? Are you releasing the pure and unadulterated Word of God under His sovereign will? It is never too late to start. Why not start eating it now? King David declared, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”. By now it should be flowing without measure, starting with you, and starting with me. Dg