7 Ways to Eliminating Vicious Societal Demonic Habits

Although sometimes individuals are not trying to hide anything about themselves from others. You have these "sit on the porch and watch people or just flat out nosey people that are trying to figure people out.... yet never really finding any truths. ALL SPECULATION AND ASSUMPTIONS! It has become such a worldly social norm that individuals automatically do it unawares. This behavior leads to gossips, slander, rumors, strife, competitive disorders, chaotic realms of deceit, and brings an influence of marks of confusion. It can also lead to the promotion of increased drama.
It has become a vicious societal demonic habit magnifying the hunt for others fortune or misfortune....in which is really the work of "s"atan moving to and fro about the earth seeking how he or she can devour or lift up someone else's life.
This is why it is so important for the body of Christ to take time and examine themselves. 2 Cor. 3:5....
A word, a laugh, a smile, a gesture may leave many people to draw a fictitious assumption or conclusion that they may call factual.
However, some will miss the jot or tittle that is most important in the message that actually gives life abundantly if these things remain the focus.
The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch is a terrible thing to waste on someone else. It is good for the children of God to focus on JESUS CHRIST at this time, and not the unmasking of others.
Even after the storm some become sensitized again and go back to the same habit of being messy. One has to wonder if the Holy Bible is being read every day for self-examination. One has to wonder if there was even time spent in prayer. One has to wonder if there is any true conviction or love in the heart. No one knows the day or hour. Be safe dwelling in HIS arms!
In order to eliminate these demonic societal behaviors, we can ask ourselves these easy and simple questions to ensure that we are on the right path:
1. Identify what is triggering your lust to know and understand about someone else's life. Is it something you heard, smelled, tasted, saw, or felt that cause you to begin your deep study of someone or something?

2. Identify how it impacted your emotions, thoughts, and desires toward someone or something? In most cases, if your soul becomes entangled with things of this world you will lose focus in God according to His Word. Our emotions, thoughts, and desires should not be influenced by our wants and desires.
3. Ask yourself this one question, will the actions I take be profitable to my soul? When we become more attached to things that are not profitable to our soul we lose the real essence of what God's initial plan for our life is about. The soul becomes more and more in control instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to be in control. 
4. Ask yourself is the time I spend on this subject matter bringing me closer to a firm relationship with God? Out time spent with God is increasingly important for our opportunity available to us that grants us eternal salvation.
5. Is the Holy Spirit leading your or is it something in the world that has caught your attention? Your faith can be measured by how you are capable of casting down every imagination that is not profitable to your soul. The Holy Spirit will lead you to prayer and supplication. The Holy Spirit will guide you into seeking the Lord and being in prayer for that someone or something whether it is negative or positive instead of allowing it to capsize your mind.
6. Does it provoke you into reading the Holy Bible more? Studying the Holy Bible is not a choice, it is a mandate to consume every bit of the Word. Jesus is Word. You must become more like Him.
7. Are you praying more or less? This is the time to be in prayer and becoming a carrier of divine revelation that can only come from Abba Father of whom you are communicating with. Prayer is not just about talking to God. It is also a chance for Him to talk to you as well.