7 Steps to the Sovereign View of God

When you have a distorted view you may find it difficult to know that your view is distorted, because the person that is leading you may have a distorted view. There was a man of GOD that ran into a disobedient prophet of whom was well known in this kingdom...yet he had a distorted view. The beginning fruits of the man of GOD was in the Sovereign Will of GOD. This was good. The end of the fruits died out when they became distorted, unfocused, manipulated...!  1 Kings 13 KJV

Knowledge can become darkened when it becomes distorted or sensitized. The WORD of GOD may be present in the mind but a different action or outcome prevails. Renew the mind in the WORD and perform consistent and persistent KINGDOM actions with expected outcomes. This will increase you into having a KINGDOM MINDSET and flow of the HOLY GHOST in your life! 

A distorted view happens when you are misled, misguided, misinterpreted! This can also happen when you have the wrong glasses on and the vision is blurred. There may be two many voices or noise in the background that will not allow you to focus into seeing the big picutre. When you align yourself to the Sovereign Will of GOD your view is more direct, focused, and relevant! You will see things in the EYES of GOD and not your nation, society, environment, education, etc. Are you sure your view is not distorted when you looked at your brothers or sisters life?

Steps to overcoming a distorted view:

1. Read the Holy Bible daily in your own time. Reading the full context of each chapter will help you to gain clarity of what God's sovereign will is for what you are reading. You will also become more hungry for His Word and desire to be closer to Him.  Your view will become more like His.

2. Develop regular actions that will bring an expected outcome. Having a developed view that is in the sovereign will of God requires consistency and persistence. Christian growth is a training ground. We must take on patterns in our life and plan for the expected outcome. This could include praying 3 times per day as Daniel and many other men and women of the Holy Bible did. Daniel 6. Set a time aside to read the Bible more than once per day. Eliminate habits that draw you away from growth such as talking on the phone and picking up imaginations that do not lead to challenging your mind in Christ.

3. Define areas in your life the inhibit growth. Do not allow things that will not profit your soul to interrupt your growth? 

4. Stay focused in relevant and permissible things in God. Avoid becoming cloudy and stay the course in filling up your mind with the things of God. 

5. Fellowship with the counsel of the Godly regularly. The counsel of the Godly will reflect the Word of God. It will bear the fruits of God. It will take delight in the sovereign will of God. The counsel of God will always have a Word of God for all guidance and communications. It will not please itself or have an agenda at heart. 

6. Be on the alert. Distortion can only come if you allow it in because it sounds good and provokes a good emotion, desire, or thought. It is always nice to hear what sounds good, but it is better to partake in the Word of God in the purest form that reflects God's will for your life. 

7. Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. God came in the flesh that you would know His sovereign will for you. He has the answers for your soul. He delights for you to be established in His glory. God has all of the vision, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you need to keep you from perishing. 

These are a few steps that will help you have God's view in your life. Remember all ways though..." the steps of the righteous" will always be ordered by God. Seek and trust His guidance all the way.