Dressing for #Modish Success: Six Tips to Overcoming the Challenge

Often times we spend more time in thinking about the outside and how others will perceive how we look on the outside.
However, if we do not feel great and superb on the inside, no matter what is on the outside, we may not feel equipped for the task.
If you have been to college in most cases in the final courses you were prepared for initiating your career by dressing professionally for interviews and many other reasons. You probably also spent time looking at others that you felt dressed successfully and professionally. The assumption could be because of the position or status they were in and based on what they had on.
Now you have to take time yourself to look at what you like and combine what will make you feel empowered inside in God and while reflecting Him outside in your #Modish look.
Here are six ways you can accomplish the task of being #modish successfully.
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Think about the colors you like most and fit your skin, hair, and eye tone. Then find the one that makes you feel calm and comfortable inside. Once you are comfortable, it will help to take some of the concern away and free your mind up to focus on the other important task at hand.

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Once you have found the colors that you are comfortable with. Consider your body shape. There are many female body shapes to consider. Some are called straight, hourglass, oval, pear, and even banana body shapes. If you are not sure of what your body shape is, use a measuring tape to measure your bust, waist, and hip circumference. Based on these measurements, you can match your body to your body shape. Once you have determined your body shape, you can define your style of professional clothing. Also consider if you are a petite, small, medium, large or plus size. It is important not to have the clothes fit appropriately.

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This is the time to develop your own style keeping in mind comfort. Keep in mind that based on your shape you will find the best style that will accommodate your needs. For example, if you have the top hourglass look, you would want to have something to broaden your shoulders by adding shoulder pads. You may also want to wear something slightly loose around the chest area. There are many ways to balance a special look based on your shape. Remember not to allow the style to be too tight or too loose on your body. Preferably, a dress should be slightly below the knees. Pants should not be too short nor too long. There are many great styles to choose from that you can find the comfort you need to be successful. Being overdressed may distract the attention away from your delivery or message. Also if you wear something too revealing it can send out the wrong message to a counterpart.

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Next, grooming is very important. Your face, hair, nails, eyebrows, teeth, and lips are a wonderful asset when communicating one on one with others. However, you don't want it to be your audiences primary focus. The quiet and peaceful approach is always the best approach. Ensuring that you are well groomed and clean is the goal. Minimal makeup is good, but if you have wonderful skin, go without the extra. Your smile will gracefully open the door for you. Hide the tattoos, and loose the facial jewels.
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Your accessories, purses, and shoes can add a spark to any outfit. Keep it to a minimum. Again too much can be a distraction. If you are selling jewelry, on the other hand, make it visible for the moment. If not, take time to accentuate your clothing with same colors. Keep with the same styles of jewelry.
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Finally, take time to be prepared for the great day. Planning the whole day will make you more comfortable. Try on the full outfit and walk in the mirror a few times to see how you will look. Practice your smile. You will be wonderful and a pro at what you do!

Enjoy your next special day when you are professionally dressed for success.
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