Programming Your Soul To React in Faith With Six Simple Steps

“If you change the way you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel your outcome by the WORD of GOD, the outcome will manifest in faith!” D.g.
If you're feeling stuck, stressed, or you're dealing with family,  financial, business, or career challenges, it is time to change the way you see, smell, hear, taste, feel about your situation and release your situation before the Throne of GOD in faith.
This is the only real remarkable process that will instantly dissolve your limited way of thinking that is a hindrance to you achieving highest success, wealth, health, and fulfillment in life.
Living in a vast and fast world’s view of everything around you can catapult your way of thinking and change your expected outcome without you even realizing it if you do not take time to realign it to GODLY thinking.
Here are Six Simple Steps that will cause your soul to balance with Kingdom Faith:
  1. Replace Your Subconscious Self-Sabotaging Thoughts - Reading and hearing the HOLY BIBLE regularly is an effective way to renew your mind and transform your way of thinking toward making a positive conscious effort in practicing your everyday life in faith.
  2. Surround Yourself with People of Faith - A WORD of GOD fellowship of individuals that are consistent and persistent in seeking JESUS CHRIST can provide you with the support and encouragement you need to grow and remain in the Kingdom Mandate of faith.
  3. Encourage Yourself in the LORD - Your support group cannot necessarily be with you all of the time. You will absolutely need to establish your firm and unwavering relationship with GOD through worship in obedience and praise, fellowship at least three times per day or more, communion, and consistent prayer inwardly and outwardly.
  4. Seek the LORD for Vision, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding for All Things - Without vision, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding we perish; and they more you seek these things your decisions will be founded, established, and protected in HIS Kingdom and will.
  5. Give GOD the Praise and Worship For All Things - HIS love is never failing and HIS mercy endures forever, and therefore we must praise in the sun and in the storms of life to remain faithful and in Covenant.
  6. Repent When You Mess Up - Repentance means to turn away from wicked ways and transgressions to GOD’s Word when the HOLY SPIRIT convicts your, when you discover your mistakes in HIS WORD, or when you realize it by what you have heard; and it is a requirement to remain in the faith of GOD. So let the LORD know you are sorry and ask HIM for the grace to never do it again. HIS grace is empowering and equipping but never a crutch.
Try this process regularly and see how your life will change and be transformed remarkably.
Prayer: Abba Father, I have allowed my senses to be in tune with other things and my faith needs strength. I plead with YOU to mold my inner spirit, soul, and flesh into YOUR likeness. Restore YOUR covenant with me that I will excel in faith. Teach me YOUR way that I will find favor in your site. Speak to me with YOUR visions, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of my life. I open my heart to receive you HOLY SPIRIT that I may gain revelation in YOUR HOLY WORD. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen.