1. DEFINE THE COMFORT ZONE - A comfort zone is a behavioral space where the activities and behaviors you do fit a specific routine and pattern that minimizes any stress and risk. It normally provides a state of mental security for you. You benefit in obvious ways: regular joy, low anxiety, and reduced stress. There is something wrong with it when you know without a doubt or you you have been told that it will affect your relationship with GOD. Like anything else it can become addictive and an unhealthy stress reducer. It also can hold you back from maximizing your potential of having an eternal life in Christ Jesus. Yet leaving your COMFORT ZONE feels risky at times because there are things and individuals you may absolutely need to leave behind.

2. DEFINE YOUR ADRENALIN LEVEL WHILE YOU ABODE IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Does it "enhance productivity" or "increase performance"? Or does it sound like it is just producing more stuff? Are you actually achieving your expected outcome? Is it okay, according to the Holy Bible? And you know the famous saying "What would JESUS do?

3. DEFINE YOUR UNCERTAINTY - What are your concerns that you have about changing? Financial Change? Environmental Change? Emotional Change? Lifestyle Change? Family Changes? Marriage Changes? Friend Changes? Career or Business Change?

4. STEP OUTSIDE YOUR NORMAL BOUNDARIES - Change your schedule weekly for one month toward your goals of being CHRIST LIKE according to the HOLY BIBLE. Read the HOLY BIBLE at least Three (3) time per day. Talk to GOD at least Three (3) times per day. If this is not your normal pattern, it is time to make a change...once per day just will not transform and renew the mind.

5. ALIGN THE CHANGE WITH NEW BOUNDARIES - Keep changing your schedule until you feel comfortable outside of your old comfort zone. Be courageous, persistent, and consistent in your efforts toward building up your faith to overcome and endure with new GODLY habits in CHRIST JESUS.

Prayer: ABBA FATHER, I am weak. Give me the strength and grace to overcome every sinful nature and unclean habits. Help me to identify every area of my life that is not pleasing to YOU. I desire to be one with YOU and to abide under YOUR covenant to inherit eternal life in JESUS CHRIST. Please walk with me daily and receive my prayers. In JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME! Amen.

If you are finding yourself stuck in a comfort zone that you are disgusted with, and feel that you need confidential help, schedule a free 1 hour session and move forward toward experiencing change.